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The Company



FIRST QUADRANT PHILIPPINES, INC., backed by thirty eight (38) years of solid experience and unequal dedication to footwear and leather goods manufacturing, offers a wide selection of quality leather products that cater to the specific needs, taste, and different lifestyles of the Filipinos, as well as the International Market.


The Board of Directors of FIRST QUADRANT Philippines, Inc., are composed of professionals who are key players in the field of Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Retailing, and Manufacturing. Their expertise and experience in manufacturing and designing high quality leather shoes has brought them many citations and recognitions in this field. This is proven by their consistent participation in both local and international trade fairs and expositions, representing the  Philippines as one of the finest footwear producers of the world.

They co-own and manage the following companies:

*D. Tactacan Shoe Manufacturing
*DTSF Leather Supply
*DOYEE Shoes
*New Shoes Philippines, Inc.
*Newport Fashion Circle Corporation

They supply and manufacture shoes for the following brands:

*Oleg Cassini              *Milani
*Lady Rustan's            *Styletto
*Manel's Executive     *Chateu Bourghesi
*SM Elegance             *Rebecca Taylor (New York)






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