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The Business

Direct Selling and Referral Program


There are 2 main parts of the First Quadrant Business and 4 ways to earn.


  1. Direct Selling A member gets 50% discount (lifetime) on all products. Whether you purchase a single item or hundreds of thousand worth of products you still get the same 50% discount for life. No minimum purchase. No monthly quota. No positions to consider (i.e. area manager, supervisor, etc.,). That is 50% discount! So if you purchase P200,000 worth of shoes you will only pay P100,000.


  1. Referral Program the company will reward you also every time you bring somebody to this business. We call this the Direct Referral Incentive.

Since the company uses binary system, therefore you only have to look for two friends who also would like to have their own business. You place your friends on either your right or your left side. This system is called TRUE BINARY. Meaning, you will already earn P1,500 (Referral or Pairing Bonus) on your first level plus if your two downlines directly under you are directly referred by you and not a spillover from your upline you get an additional of P1000 (Direct Referral Incentive) for each. That makes your first check P3,500.00.  





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